Non-Executive Director, Thought Leader, Adviser.


Andrea embodies authentic, values based leadership.  A considered strategic thinker,  a dynamic, thought provoking and inspiring speaker, an innovative adviser that thrives in the face of disruption and challenge.

With 25 years of governance experience, her advocacy is tempered by a constructive and collaborative approach and an unfailingly gracious manner.

Andrea conveys her message with intellect and conviction, from a position of knowledge, research and thoughtful balance, facilitating effective conversations, establishing connections, empowering people and aligning culture with business goals.


Thought Leadership

From the boardroom to international conference stages.  Andrea's authentic public speaking style, thought leadership expertise and influential advocacy experience positions her as an engaging public speaker. 


Advisory Services

With years of strategic leadership and advisory experience,  Andrea can work with you to revolutionise and transform your business for the future.