In all the roles I have had throughout my career and personal life, I've always stayed committed to values-based leadership.

"No matter what title I’ve had, whether Non-Executive Director, CEO, Spokesperson or Business Leader – or for that of a University lecturer, football coach, or volunteer parent – I’ve never lost sight of who I am and what matters to the community or the legacy I want to leave. " 

- Andrea Slattery 2017.

Andrea at boardroom table


Integrity is a pillar of my values.  A personal choice to hold myself with strong moral principles and ethical standards.  I would describe my professional style as warm and personable, reasonable and respectful.

I pride myself on creating an environment where solid, fact based honest discussions can be had - with integrity and conviction.




Innovation is the magic of business.  It is courage based thinking in the face of flat lining constant or significant challenge.   Innovation harnesses disruption through bold new ideas with long term vision.   In my experience innovation has the opportunity to unlock efficiency and create new connections on a large scale.    

Innovation keeps us competitive. It keeps us at the cutting edge and is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation.





I have been blessed to have many inspirations in my life. Those that inspire me are authentic, they lead by example and are persistent and persuasive in their quests.  They are community based, believe in the power of diversity and inclusion.  

Inspiration is a value of mine which can manifest itself in a variety of  forms. Ultimately, it is the value that reassures there is nothing that can't be overcome.